MY fashion brand Cakenis clarifies doubts on social media over beauty product claims

Malaysian fashion and beauty brand Cakenis has stepped out on Instagram to clarify that the Cakenis Petite Oil is "not a weight loss tool" on its own, after netizens raised doubts over previous claims and even invited an overseas surgeon to weigh in.

The essential oil, which was launched as a complementary gift alongside purchases of Cakenis' intimate wear range, first garnered attention when founder and beauty Hanis Zalikha took to her personal Instagram account to promote it. The post claimed that the product is able to control appetites and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, prompting netizens to question their legitimacy. It garnered 22,600 likes and over 500 comments in four days.


One user went a step further to check with UK-based doctor and surgeon Dr Nur Amalina, who has over 340,000 following, on Twitter.

In Amalina's reply, she said she is not mentioning any products, but there is "no evidence to show that topical application (minyak sapuan) of essential oil can directly cause weight loss". She added that evidence of indirect effect or management of weight loss is also "weak and limited" and those studies were done mostly in vitro or animals, not on humans. The theory that the “anti-anxiety effect” of essential oils may help to control overeating is also "weak and not a direct correlation", she said.

The thread has drawn 9,000 likes and over 11,000 retweets in two days.



In an official statement by Cakenis on Instagram, the firm expressed its surprise that the complementary item to the collection has become "star of the show". It also shared the ingredients of the essential oil that can allegedly manage cravings and reduce the appearance of stretch-marks.


Cakenis encouraged users who are new to essential oils to weigh the effectiveness and possible risks from plenty of studies and research available on essential oils and decide for themselves if it is something they want to adapt in their lifestyles. It added: "If you are an avid user of essential oils, you would have understood the science that goes behind it." The post saw 1,200 likes within a day.

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