MY comms ministry forms investigative team after 'indecent remarks' surface on MCMC's Twitter

The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) has formed a committee to investigate the indecent remarks made in 2014 on Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) official Twitter account, which has since been temporarily suspended The committee comprises four individuals and will be chaired by KKMM deputy secretary general Tan Chuan Ou. 

The ministry said in a statement that the committee will conduct a detailed investigation beginning today on the issue of old tweets containing indecent remarks seen on MCMC's Twitter account. It will also identify how the tweets came about by reviewing documents, rules, operating methods, and parties involved, as well as the possibility of misappropriation or abuse. The committee will also recommend appropriate action, including disciplinary action, the lodging of a police report or reporting to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Civil action will also be taken against the parties involved if negligence or misconduct is found. At the same time, it will also propose improvement measures to ensure similar issues do not occur again in the future. 

The latest action from KKMM comes after MCMC said in a statement on 12 January that "several suspicious messages sent through the account were not issued by the commission". MCMC explained that its account was "hacked by irresponsible parties", adding: "People are advised not to be influenced with such suspicious, vile and defamatory messages that have been uploaded through the account."

Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Saifuddin Abdullah said stern action will be taken against the responsible parties if an offence is found, regardless of whether they are still with MCMC or not. He added that KKMM "will not compromise and will act transparently in addressing this issue". 

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