Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia becomes next CoverGirl ambassador

Following a recent ground breaking move of getting its first male ambassador, CoverGirl has done it again with the naming of beauty blogger Nura Afia as its latest and first Muslim ambassador.

Afia is known for posting beauty tutorials on YouTube while wearing her hijab. She currently has a following of 305,000 followers on Instagram and over 214,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Her partnership with CoverGirl is for its #LashEquality campaign promoting its So Lashy mascara product line. The campaign features influencers and celebrities from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds such as Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Amy Pham, Chloe and Halle along with Charles and Afia.

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This comes at a point when many global brands are trying to woo the Muslim audience. According to a study done by Ogilvy Noor titled Building brands for Muslim audiences, the global Muslim population is set to rise from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion by 2050.

This makes the growth potential for brands looking to engage with Muslim consumers insurmountable. At the at an event organised by Ogilvy Noor, Shelina Janmohamed, Ogilvy Noor’s vice president there is a huge opportunity for brands to target this upcoming segment of Generation Ms.

This comes as annual Muslim consumer lifestyle spend is estimated to be at US$2.6trillion in 2020, according to a report by Thomson Reuters in an article by BBC. Expenditure in 2014 was around US$1.8 trillion.