Mum’s the word for latest Wyeth campaign

“Thank you mama!” is how Wyeth Gold ends its new commercial.

This one-minute viral video, filled with hard-hitting monologues told from mothers’ perspectives, is Wyeth’s latest work to turn its marketing focus from functional to pure branding with the use of emotional bonding. It goes with a 30-second trimmed version as a TV commercial that will run throughout the year.

Education between parents and kids has long been Wyeth’s focus for marketing and advertising. This time, the message is deepened – it’s about opening up a happy environment for children’s education.

Initiated by Wyeth Gold’s in-house marketing team and developed by creative partner McCann, the thematic campaign comprises of a TV commercial, viral video and print execution.

“To tug at our audiences heartstrings we have to first convince ourselves the lines in the ad are powerful enough. We create emotional lines through the lens of mums to make an impact on audiences’ minds,” Colette Chow, senior product manager at Wyeth Hong Kong, told Marketing.

To ramp up emotional power, the team has gone through a series of focus groups to obtain mothers’ thoughts to make the campaign “less about product, more about touching content”, she added.

Since it launched, the thematic campaign has delivered a significant boost in advertising effectiveness with a 20% increase in brand consideration; its Facebook page, the campaign’s main channel, has also seen a 300% increase in interaction rates, including likes, shares and comments; while engagement rate is also up 5%.

“Social media has become increasingly important in our brand communication. On Facebook we can detect instant feedback from consumers. That’s critical as social referral and comments, particularly in this social media age, is increasingly influencing consumers’ mindset and purchasing decisions.”

While the TV commercial will run throughout the year, the thematic campaign, including this viral video and interactive executions on Facebook, will run until the end of this month. More campaigns will come up based around the “happy learning” theme from this campaign.