MTRCB Deputies watch free movies for a cause

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) is giving away free movie passes to enlist the help of the public to keep a close eye on the film industry TV.

MTRCB Chairman Toto Villareal (pictured), in an interview with ABS-CBN’s radio station dzMM, is inviting Filipinos to help the agency monitor movies and TV programs shown not just in malls but also in buses, spas and even ships.

Volunteers to this effort are called MTRCB deputies who are rewarded with MTRCB cards. Deputies are allowed to enter any movie theater in the Philippines with a companion for free to monitor violations of MTRCB rules.

This includes the publicity materials such as advertisements, trailers and stills used in a given movie and also TV shows. The deputy’s observations are sent to the MTRCB by filling a MTRCB deputy report.

“It’s not just free movies. We give out MTRCB cards to enable people to monitor movies and shows, especially in different venues, Villareal said.

Filipinos only need to write a letter to the MTRCB about their intent to be enlisted as an MTRCB deputy. Villareal said that the agency taps around 5,000 lucky people nationwide to help them monitor shows on the local silver screen and on TV.

A movie junkie's dream, the opportunity to watch free movies for a good cause is not without caveats.

Last year on Twitter, the MTRCB warned theaters of fake deputy cards  as free passes to watch movies. One report from Journal Online said that fake deputy cards are being sold for up to P5,000.

“MTRCB warns theaters and the public of fake deputy cards. Theaters (are) told of security features of new card,” the agency said.


Villareal last March pointed out that being appointed as a deputy is a privilege and is discretionary on the MTRCB’s part. In addition, not being a deputy should not deter the public from doing their duty to report violations.