MPPM launches ADvances self-serve platform

MPPM, Malaysia’s first consortium formed by major online publishers dedicated to address the industry’s trust, transparency and viewability challenges in digital advertising, has launched the ADvances self-serve platform, in partnership with Innity.

According to Keu Tien Siong, MPPM’s newly appointed chairman, and Heather Wee, MPPM’s former chairman, “MPPM’s mission is to create a high-quality premium marketplace to offer a transparent, brand safe, and high-viewability advertising platform, and we are very excited to be on track to deliver this to all our advertisers.”

Phang Chee Leong, CEO and co-founder of Innity said, “MPPM ADvances self-serve platform is a transparent platform that will feature new ad units, better measurement, and improved performance at scale. I believe advertisers who are seeking premium viewable content that is consumed by real people will be very excited over this offering by the consortium.”

He added that advertisers will have exclusive access to advertising features that utilises
“exclusive real-time mobile inventory for high impact mobile experience and high viewability plus innovative creative formats for higher interaction and engagement rates.”

MPPM ADvances self-serve platform will offer the following features:


To provide premium programmatic through programmatic direct and guaranteed, as well as Unique Programmatic Deal Packages across verticals and audience segments. Advertisers will also be able to access premium publisher inventory directly via Header Bidding.

High quality engagement and viewability

MPPM is Malaysia’s trusted marketplace for quality readers and audience engagement. The consortium has a viewability rate range of 55-70%, well above the average global viewability rate of 47%.

Creative intelligence

Innovative and exclusive high-impact ad formats that are compliant to Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) standards that aim to deliver the highest quality, respectful and engaging ad experiences.

Premium publishers with quality data

MPPM provides a unified data management platform across its premium publishers for targeted reach and campaign performance

Transparent cost and inventory

Advertisers will be able to see exactly what inventory, data and ad units are available with full control on spending their ad dollars.

Unique content, Trusted context

MPPM publishers provide the highest standard of local journalism. MPPM content is trusted and valued, thereby creating a superlative brand safe advertising environment.

Currently, MPPM reaches out to 60% of Malaysia’s digital population, with 11.4 million unique visitors per month, making the co-op the 3rd largest media group in Malaysia.  At present, MPPM has nine leading publishers in its co-op, Star Media Group, Sin Chew, Utusan Malaysia, Kosmo, China Press, Guang Ming Online, Nanyang, Sinar Harian, and The Edge Publishing.

MPPM is also supported by the government-owned Malaysia Productivity Corp.