Moving Walls looks to expand into five markets regionally

Moving Walls has launched its online platform for out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Called Moving Audiences, the platform links over 2,000 digital billboards across five countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

It was launched in Singapore yesterday to reach out to players in the OOH scene as Singapore is the regional hub for many of these players. Moving Audiences will allow media buyers to plan and buy timeslots for digital OOH billboards across borders. It allows media owners to be able to see which of their billboards are taken up at any time.

According to a press statement announcing the move, the digital OOH provider said that 28 media owners of over 2,000 digital brands in five Asian countries have already agreed to trade their inventory on the Moving Audiences platforms.

The platform aims to be a major catalyst to invigorate the traditional media sector, which has witnessed a decline in advertising in recent years, according to Moving Walls. It works to provide aggregation, automation and attribution to OOH media to encourage a transparent and efficient outdoor advertising trading system.

It will also embrace a transparent OOH measurement system which reports audience data. This will see the use of proprietary algorithms to crunch big data from public and private sources to derive audience insights around OOH media assets. In turn this will become a global standard, in line with a shift which has already happened in the United States. There is currently no universally accepted system to measure OOH media.

“Driven by the growth of digital displays, the global market for outdoor advertising is poised to reach US$45 billion by 2020, with the Asia Pacific region becoming the largest and fastest growing market (Global Industry Analysts). Our platform brings digital efficiencies and measurement standards to a form of media that has been in the dark for too long. We look forward to leading this OOH revolution in Asia,” Srikanth Ramachandran, CEO of Moving Walls, said.