Moving Walls enters programmatic OOH space in Malaysia

Moving Walls has entered into the programmatic out-of-home (OOH) space, power three automatically delivered campaigns on more than 800 media sites across Malaysia. It worked with Domino’s, Lazada and HP in Malaysia to automate the planning and buying of OOH campaigns which all went live during the past month.

Domino’s Malaysia, for example, worked with MediaCom and Xaxis to add programmatic OOH for its “United We Win” campaign and serve dynamic content at locations with a high density of gamers. Meanwhile, Lazada Malaysia also worked with Vizeum and Moving Walls to automate the media planning and buying process for its recent Raya campaign.

According to Moving Walls, automating the buying and selling of billboard inventory gives marketers more time to focus on what really matters, which is improving and optimising their campaigns. Location intelligence provides the consumer insights to enable this, the company said. Its technology stack, Moving Audiences, is built on a location intelligence platform that enables OOH planning and measurement. It also provides a sell-side platform for media owners and an exchange where buyers can automatically buy inventory on more than 20,000 media sites across Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The company added that it also worked with billboard owners such as 3Thirds Media, Ledtronics, Sky Blue Media and OOHM International to pioneer programmatic OOH. It is currently working with over 100 billboard owners across Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, and Indonesia to bring automation and transparency to OOH media.

Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and CEO of Moving Walls, said programmatic for OOH will look different from its online counterpart. “Unlike in digital where there are established global standards, OOH processes vary across countries. It is key to equip all the stakeholders – sellers, buyers, and the industry associations, with the technology to make programmatic happen,” he added.