Mother's Day Roundup: Brands pay tribute to strength of women

The pandemic has put many events worldwide on hold, but one occasion that the world still remembers is Mother's Day. According to the National Research Foundation Singapore, more than eight in 10 consumers surveyed said they will celebrate Mother's Day this year, with 78% saying that celebrating Mother's Day is important to them given the current state of the coronavirus. The survey also showed that consumers are interested in spending more (an average of SG$205) on Mother's Day gifts and celebrations. 

Brands have also taken the opportunity to pay tributes to mothers all around the world on this special day. Ranging from social media posts to video campaigns, brands are showing their appreciation digitally for mothers around the world.

IKEA Singapore

IKEA paid its tribute in a series of cartoon drawings posted on its Facebook page. With the caption "For the heroes who raised us, put food on the table, and make home a safe space to live in," the series of pictures said "There's a hero in every home. They make us feel safe, and keep us out of trouble. They keep us fed and happy, even when we make them angry. They make endless chores look easy, even when they pull all-nighters, but best of all, they make home feel extra special. Thank you for being our heroes at home. Happy Mother's Day."


Yakult Singapore

The stay-home period might have caused mothers to "morph" into different characters and Yakult wanted to highlight that in a light-hearted post on Facebook. It's social post featured the “Tiger Mom” who is stereotypically fierce and strict, the “Hip Mom”, who keeps up with recent trends, the “Fitspo Mom” who goes for regular Zumba dance classes, and the “Worried Mom” who leaves 55 missed calls when they do not hear from you.

yakult sg

Singapore Airlines

The national carrier featured drawings done by children about what they think their mothers do at work. The social post showed three different drawings, with children depicting their mothers as a six-hand spider juggling with different tasks at work, as a queen, and having a "flying office" on the plane.

sia mothers day  


The airline took a different approach on Mother's Day and created virtual getaways that children can gift to their mothers, so they can "travel" and relax on Mother's Day. The playlist includes holiday destinations such as Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia. It also includes step-by-step guide to creating a Thai foot scrub, Korean beauty face mask, and Indonesian dessert "Kolak Ubi Pisang".

mothers day scoot


Westgate, a shopping mall under CapitaLand, launched a campaign for Mother's Day, helping Singaporeans celebrate with their mothers digitally on this day. Through Instagram Live, Westgate brought its "live" performance at Westgate’s Courtyard to the screens of shoppers at home. Followers were encouraged to make song requests and dedications to their mothers, as they sang along to the tunes of classics and all-time favourites. Westgate also held a social contest where Instagram followers can comment on which F&B outlet they would like to bring their mothers to after the Circuit Breaker period. Westgate will then pick 10 Instagram followers to receive S$50 CapitaLand voucher each. 

westgate mothers day


In a simple picture posted on its Facebook and Instagram pages, Coca-Cola highlighted the silhouette of a mother kissing her child. The post is accompanied with the caption "To the one who makes us feel safe and loved every day. Happy Mother’s Day!"

 coca cola

Prudential Singapore

Many of us might have heard of these famous sayings by our mothers and Prudential Singapore decided to compile them into a witty post. 

mothers day prudential

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In Malaysia, brands are also coming up with creative social posts to thank mothers for their love and sacrifices on this day.

RHB Group

RHB created a video featuring various social media posts detailing the efforts mothers go through every day. Done in collaboration with FCB Malaysia, the video showed husbands and children attempting to carry out daily household chores such as folding clothes, chopping onions, watering plans and ironing clothes (without the iron plugged in).

Shaun Tay, CEO of FCB Malaysia, said the video took less than a week to produce. He also said that the video was inspired after seeing the difficult tasks that mothers have been selflessly doing all along without protest, during the MCO where everyone has to stay at home. RHB also encouraged followers to share stories about their mother through photos, videos or a written caption on their feeds and tag it with #RHBTerimaKasihIbu #TogetherWeProgress.

Snickers Malaysia

Snickers has also used a video to pay tribute to mothers on Mother's Day. Collaborating with agency MediaCom Malaysia, Snickers produced a video telling the story of how a mother has to wake up early in the morning to do chores. The father in the story sees this, and bribes his children with Snickers to help with the chores before their mother wakes up.


McDonald's Malaysia

The fast-food giant presented mothers with a bouquet of flowers that looked really similar to its signature fries.

macs mothers day




KFC also took the chance to wish mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, referring them as "ayam-azing moms", which is a wordplay on the malay word for chicken "ayam".

mothers day kfc 

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia's national carrier showed appreciation to employees who were also mothers by featuring them in a tribute on Facebook.
mothers day mab
On a more light-hearted note, AirAsia dedicated its video to mothers, showing different families dancing to an upbeat tune. The video is accompanied with the caption: "To all hardworking mothers all around the world, thank you for the joy, love, and care."

Motherhood Malaysia

Motherhood has embarked on a remote shoot of its Mother’s Day video by collaborating with its community of supermoms and sharing real footages of their inspiring, heart-warming moments. The video aims to recognise the unconditional love given by mothers all around the world. It depicts how kids of all ages rely on their moms for a great deal of things from food, bath time, sleep, study, playtime, fight, sick, comfort, helpless and more. This is even more apparent now during the restricted movement period, as mothers need to attend to their kids and families around the clock.

Did any of these brands touch your heart with their Mother's Day tribute? Let us know at graceo@marketing-interactive if you saw any other dedications!