More than 60% of marketers have dedicated programmatic talent, says WFA poll

Marketers and media leaders in APAC understand the importance of programmatic talent, with more than 60% having dedicated programmatic talent on their teams. Within this group, close to 40% revealed a commitment to programmatic excellence and development of the function.

According to a recent poll by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) on APAC programmatic proficiency and practices, which surveyed 23 regional marketers and media leaders, more than half of regional marketers and media leaders in Asia Pacific have a good understanding of the programmatic space. One in four of them are "highly proficient" around current technology and future developments. Meanwhile, 90% of respondents are on the journey towards progressive measurement metrics, with nearly half the respondents having an advanced understanding of measurement metrics.

WFA's poll indicated that nine out of 10 respondents currently buy media programmatically, and approximately 40% stated that programmatic is "central to the planning and execution of" their marketing mix, with data and marketing optimisation making programmatic the preferred choice.

In the meantime, while majority of marketers (80%) currently have technology solutions in place, not all of them own the solutions as 27% still leveraging on their agencies' technology. When it comes to running campaigns against their own data, half of the marketers surveyed are currently utilising their central data resources to the fullest, while the other half has yet to maximise the opportunities available.

With 23% of respondents who have a DMP keen to do more with the tool, it shows that while brands might have the tools and systems in place, there is unlocked potential within the current set-up that might still be exploited for both improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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