More apps for travellers

Malaysia Airports has made transits through KL International Airport (KLIA) virtually engaging with the release of its new mobile app.

Through the app, travellers will be able to access a location directory to retail, dining and relaxation spots at the airport.

They will also be able to access information on outlet locations, promotions and airport services and facilities.

The mobile app, developed by Malaysia Airports, is available on both iOS and Android platforms and comes with Facebook, Twitter and email social sharing functions.

Elaborating on the launch of the mobile app, Malaysia Airports' senior general manager commercial services Faizah Khairuddin said, "Ensuring the growth and success of our commercial services is a vital component of our overall business growth.  It is a move that will enable us to stay ahead of the curve."

Khairuddin added the introduction of the mobile app supports its overall commercial strategy to create an attractive and appealing lifestyle environment for travellers. It complements Malaysia Airports' other technology-based initiatives that are already in place such as the iButterfly and the introduction of the Indulge & Win e-kiosks.

"This on-going employment of technology will continue to be an integral part of the lifestyle experiences that Malaysia Airports strive to provide to our customers," she said.

Malaysia Airports also announced winners of its Indulge Till You Fly (ITUF) campaign, and annual event that rewards visitors with indulgence.

"It underpins our strategic move to raise awareness that airports are lifestyle destinations with lots to offer, sometimes, more so than downtown malls," said Khairuddin.

This year's campaign offered a RM1 million shopping spree at KLIA to the grand prize winner, its biggest reward yet.

"Taking last year's campaign as a benchmark, we recorded a 57% increase in the number of entries received, 134% increase in total sales and a 50% increase in average spend per passenger," said Khairuddin.