MOOV showcases 5G capabilities through new services

It’s not just telecom operators who are busy preaching the wonders of 5G. MOOV – PCCW’s music, podcast, and video-streaming platform – is also leveraging the high-speed network to offer new services. 

In April – just as the starter’s pistol went off for mobile providers – MOOV introduced Hong Kong’s first 24-bit FLAC lossless streaming service through its mobile app, offering crystal clear studio master tracks on the platform. 

Furthermore, MOOV partnered with 1O1O and CSL – both part of 5G service operator HKT – to offer MOOV’s 24-bit music service to their 5G customers exclusively between April and June, with the service being expanded to all Hong Kong users from July onwards. 

The prospect of lossless studio masters is a big advantage for any streaming platform. Unlike many lesser digital options available, lossless tracks all but match the quality of analogue audio. Furthermore, studio master tracks reproduce what the sound settings were inside a professional recording studio when a track was laid down. 

In combination, lossless studio tracks reveal the most intricate details in songs with well-defined vocal and instrumental sound layers and an immersive soundscape. In an age where streaming platforms are fighting over discerning music-loving customers, this level of fidelity matters hugely. 

“The ultra-fast data speed provided by a robust and extensive fibre-backed 5G network infrastructure significantly reduces network latency and offers users faster load times. Much refined and larger digital song files can be transmitted to users for a higher standard of music enjoyment via 5G’s capacity,” said Eliza Chui, head of MOOV. 

eliza chui head of moov

To enjoy the new service, customers can download these hefty music files in advance, but with a 5G network, they can actually stream them directly during play for a smoother user experience that was simply not possible when on the move before. 

As 5G gains popularity in Hong Kong, MOOV is expected to take the opportunity to bring its new service to the next level. Chui said at this preliminary stage, MOOV would target Hi-Fi enthusiasts and focus on increasing public awareness of the more technical aspects of music technology, such as bit depth, bit rates, and sampling rates. 

“The second phase will show MOOV is not only about music, but also a music brand that enhances your living standards. The presence of MOOV will be more readily noticeable in different places through types of joint-partnerships with telecoms, audio brands, cafes, travel agencies, and lifestyle outlets,” Chui explained.

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