MoneyOwl shifts gears from tactical marketing to brand building

Local financial advisor MoneyOwl has unveiled its first brand campaign to create brand awareness. Although it has been doing tactical campaigns for its products since it started in 2019, MoneyOwl is now shifting gears and looking to build its brand with the everyday Singaporean consumer. 

MoneyOwl is a joint venture between NTUC Enterprise Co-operative and wealth advisory firm, Providend, that aims to help working-class people in Singapore to make wise financial decisions. It target audiences are split into three segments: single young professionals aged 24 to 30 and have just started their careers; young family starters aged 31 to 45 with ideally SG$10k to invest; and pre-retirees aged 45 to 65 who are focused on sustaining their lifestyle in their non-income earning years. 

In a statement to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Chuin Ting Weber, CEO and chief investment officer of MoneyOwl said: "It is essential to build brand awareness for the long term and not just product-led campaign." She added that besides this first brand campaign it is working on, MoneyOwl has also been active on its social media channels to reach out to the younger generation, and regularly hosts webinars.

However, the brand now looks to reach out to an even wider audience by launching a country-wide branding campaign. Done in collaboration with creative agency e, the campaign consists of six static brand ads and three short videos that will be rolled out across out-of-home and digital channels. These include Clear Channel Bus Shelter six-sheet posters, SMRT in-train overhead panel and window sticker, as well as ad push on Facebook Video, Facebook Display, Google Display Network and YouTube.

Check out the videos here:

Aside from generating buzz, MoneyOwl also looks to change the mindset of Singaporeans when it comes to financial planning. Eugene Cheong, founder and creative director of e, said while most people think financial planning is the preserve of the rich, MoneyOwl makes financial wisdom accessible to all Singaporeans, so no one gets left behind.

Weber added that the campaign is designed to connect with various target groups, from first-jobbers to novice investors to pre-retirees. MoneyOwl looks to speak matter-of-factly to consumers and offer practical solutions, such as planning for their financial future and getting started from as little as SG$50 a month. "Anyone can invest. But not everyone invests wisely. Successful investing isn’t timing the market or jumping on the hottest stock. It’s about getting the right advice so your money grows gradually over time to meet your financial goals and retirement needs," Weber added. Targeting the majority of Singaporeans, the ads will be placed in the heartlands as that is where majority of Singaporeans live in, Weber said.

The creative agency behind this campaign, e, was established last year by former Ogilvy, APAC creative chief Eugene Cheong. It allies with creative independent, Blak Labs, which will provide creative, tech, media and production firepower. e is currently working on projects for Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Singapore National Eye Centre, Natura Malaysia plus several other clients.

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