MOE recruitment ad challenges teachers to change the world

Following a pitch last year, the Ministry Of Education has appointed DDB Group as its agency of record for the next three years.

MOE has just launched an integrated media campaign with the agency as part of its new recruitment campaign to encourage teaching as a career. The campaign “It all begins with a teacher” kicks off with a 3-minute online and TV film that tells the story of a student and his teachers bravely challenging social norms of success and failure.

Produced by Freeflow Productions, the cinematic tribute, which was  released two days ago, has already struck a chord with teachers, teachers-to-be and the grateful students.

Khalid Osman, creative director, DDB Group Singapore added, “We are as encouraged as we are relieved by the positive social response to the film so far. Because whilst there’s great privilege to be working on the MOE account, there’s also immense pressure to do justice to the amazing vocation that is teaching.”

The film will run on local television, and selected cable channels till mid-March, and in selected Golden Village theatres until the end of March.