Mobile streaming still preferred by Indonesian consumers despite CTV growth

Connected TV (CTV) has become mainstream in Indonesia with seven in 10 consumers having access to it. This was according to an online survey conducted by Integral Ad Science (IAS) in August which surveyed 512 individuals in Indonesia to determine consumer perceptions of Connected TV (CTV) and streaming video content consumption.

That said, CTV still lags behind mobile (66%) when it comes to the preferred video streaming platform for consumers. Mobile had a clear lead ahead of desktop/laptop (13%) and CTV/smart TV (13%).

ias preferred streaming services indonesia 2020 1

According to the survey, 92% of consumers have increased their consumption of streaming content during the COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of consumers surveyed (89%) added free streaming due to COVID-19 while 83% said they added a subscription service due to the pandemic.

Most consumers (83%) plan to subscribe to a free streaming service in the next 12 months, and those most likely to sign up were aged 45 to 60 years old (96%), followed by 30 to 44 years old (84%). Those who are already watching free streaming are significantly more likely (91%) to add another free service in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, 60% of Indonesian consumers surveyed who do not watch free streaming plan to do so in the same time frame, the survey found.

Although free streaming services are preferred, paid subscriptions are still going strong, with 77% of consumers planning to add a subscription streaming service in the next 12 months. YouTube Premium (32%) and Netflix (32%) tied for most preferred streaming service, followed by Vidio (10%) and Viu (8%).

ias preferred streaming services indonesia 2020

Ads can be pesky and interruptive to viewing experiences. However, 84% of consumers are willing to see ads in exchange for free streaming video. More importantly, 56% consider highly quality and relevant ads crucial when watching free streaming video content. Contextually relevant ads help maintain attention, with 75% of consumers saying they are likely to view an ad to completion if it is in line with the content they are watching.

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