Mobile ad platform InMobi buys out AerServ for US$90 million

InMobi, an independent mobile advertising platform, has acquired mobile video monetisation platform California-based AerServ for US$90 million. The deal aims to bring together both respective programmatic exchanges, in creating "the industry’s first mediation platform with a unified programmatic auction for mobile in-app publishers".

According to the statement, this acquisition aims to enhance monetisation for publishers globally and further boost the InMobi Exchange, a premium mobile programmatic platform.

With this investment, InMobi’s video and programmatic business will account for 35% of the overall company revenue, and help to improve InMobi’s leadership position in the mobile video advertising industry in the US. InMobi Exchange scale is also expected to increase with AerServ running more than 90 billion ad opportunities each month and provides access to brand programmatic demand to over 2,000 mobile apps, InMobi's spokesperson said.

InMobi's spokesperson said globally, mobile premium publishers are seeking greater control over advertising revenue and deeper transparency into both the buyer landscape and pricing than what supply-side platforms offer today.

On the demand side, it added, brand advertisers are in need of transparent programmatic platforms of high-quality ad inventory that can be independently verified. It is expected that two thirds of the world’s digital display advertising will be traded programmatically by 2019 and advertising sold programmatically will increase from US$57.5 billion to US$84.9 billion over the next two years, growing at an average rate of 21% a year.

Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO, InMobi said this acquisition aligns with its global strategy "to bring next generation platforms for premium publishers" and will help in scaling its business in new directions globally.

Tewari added, over the next three years, the company expects to increase its brand programmatic revenue tenfold with this acquisition and continue its investments in that direction. "Our combined platforms will bring next-generation mediation capabilities to premium publishers and establish the first programmatic video exchange in India and China," Tewari said.

Josh Speyer, chief executive officer at AerServ, added the collaboration allows it "to scale our platforms together across the globe and build a strong business in previously untapped markets such as China and broader APAC".

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