Mobile a key strategy to customers coming first, says Mob-Ex 2020 judge Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan, assistant director of FairPrice Group, and a judge for Marketing's Mobex Awards 2020, describes his first foray into the marketing scene as "one out of necessity" – for his own boutique retail business in Malaysia. Since then, he has made a career in the marketing field spanning more than 15 years across different industries. From market research to brand building and strategy, destination marketing to digital marketing, his belief lies in the fact that as a marketer, regardless of how the platforms might evolved with time and technology, basic strategy will never change - that means to address the needs of the customer and nothing else.

Today, he heads up the marketing for enterprise growth (consisting of Foodfare B2B businesses as well as Wang Cafe and Heavenly Wang), the new Lau Pa Sat (slated to reopen in Jan 2021) as well as the self-run concepts under the food services business of FairPrice Group. Apart from working with the team for the day-to-day marketing matters, part of his role is to explore new channels and platforms (especially on the digital front) to help build the brand and to bring in the sales for the business.

In a conversation with Marketing, Tan said the FairPrice Group believes in ensuring that customers always come first. As such, its strategy is to ensure that its offers a seamless customer experience O2O and mobile will be key to this strategy. "Throughout the customer's journey, we have factored in the usage of their mobile as a key channel of getting their needs met and thus we will work to ensure that we offer the best experience to them from the beginning to the end," he said. 

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How do you think the use of mobile has changed for your consumer base?

The F&B industry has been one of the few to be severely affected by the current COVID-19 situation - especially in Singapore. From the Circuit Breaker period till the current Phase 2 of the market re-opening, many within the industry underwent a "baptism of fire" in the tech and innovation realm i.e. businesses were forced to venture onto the online platform for survivability. In the digital space, mobile is one of the key channels where transactions take place and any business not found there is very much on the disadvantage.

What are you looking for in the submissions/categories you are judging?

As stated above, I'll be looking at the experience as a customer first and foremost. The end result of any innovative products or services must be to deliver what the customer wants in the best experience possible. Any bells and whistles must be a means to the end and not the end itself.    

What are some of the future trends you are keeping your eyes on when it comes to mobile marketing?

Apart from the existing personalisation that comes to the mobile platform through the amalgamation of data (via all the different social platforms available) -  the introduction of AI technology (with 5G) will definitely be the next big happening for this space. This will help sharpen the marketing messages to better meet the needs of an individual for real time conversion.

The eighth edition of Mob-Ex Awards will celebrate the most effective, creative and innovative mobile marketing campaigns / efforts designed to make complex interactivity becoming accessible to all and the success on the mobile platform for business growth. To find out more about the awards, click here.

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