Old Mirum Indonesia website hacked with message: “raise our salary”

Over the weekend, the old website of digital agency Mirum Indonesia (formerly known as XM Gravity), seemed to be hacked by a disgruntled employee. The hacker expressed unhappiness with regards to the work load, low pay and management.  The hacker also asked for employee pay to be raised on the site.

A quick check by Marketing, showed that the agency’s website has been taken down.

Here’s what the hacker said:

In a statement to Marketing, Daniel Van Leeuwen, managing director of Mirum Indonesia said:

“I am incredibly saddened that someone would choose to make such a statement, in such a profane sort of way, instead of talking about any issues they might have in a more constructive, professional manner. Hacking a company’s website, and posting personal pictures of staff members, is not constructive, professional – or even legal.”

He added that Mirum Jakarta has always been a close,”tight-knit family” and there are several online platforms where staff can post their opinions anonymously. “Everyone knows they can speak to me or any of the management team, at any time, about any questions or issues they have,” he said.

“We also have a number of formal channels where they can ladder up ideas, issues or complaints – staff reviews, satisfaction surveys and a monthly department reviews,” he told Marketing.

“We even have an online platform where you can post your opinions anonymously.  Any of these channels could have been used,” he added.



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