Ministry of Social and Family Development's social pitch attracts 16 keen agencies

In today's economy, isn't uncommon to see a slew of agencies pitching for a single client and the occurrence seems to have happened early in the year as a recent social media pitch by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has attracted 16 agencies vying for the account. The tender document, which outlines that the appointed agency will need to formulate a social media strategy, content, advertising strategy and campaigns, saw interest from the likes of Edelman, KRDS, Mediacorp, Metia Group, One9Ninety, Redhill Communications, Reson8, and Zoo Communications. 

The length of appointment is for one year, with the option to extend for another year and the agency picked will be tasked to provide end-to-end and integrated social media marketing solutions for the Facebook and Instagram channels of National Council on Problem Gambling. Work will start in February 2021. The objective of the appointment is to educate Singaporeans on problem gambling, its signs and the importance of help-seeking, as well as the types of social safeguards implemented by the National Council on Problem Gambling. Additionally, MSF looks to educate youths on the relevance of problem gambling in their lives and its consequences, as well as raise awareness that problem gambling has many ways of manifesting, and many people are vulnerable to it. 

Recently, government pitches, more than any others have been the most competitive in nature. Notably, last year Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore saw 38 agencies clamoring for the social media account. Ultimately, this was awarded to One9ninety. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport raked in 24 interested parties which also saw One9ninety taking home the honours, and NEA's social media pitch that was awarded to Metia Group, initially had 21 other agencies vying for the business. Clearly, agencies now are hungry for new business - and gaining government accounts is a priority.

In 2019, MSF said in a press statement that the probable problem and pathological gambling rate of Singapore residents has decreased in 2017 to 0.9%. In 2011, it was 2.6%. This was based on the Gambling Participation Survey conducted by the National Council on Problem Gambling every three years. However, the MSF still recognises the harm of problem gambling, and said it will continue its efforts to address problem gambling by putting in place more upstream and preventive measures. Such preventive measures include increasing casino entry levies for Singaporeans and PRs to SG$150, as well as setting limits on expenditures for online gambling. 


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