Ministry of Environment and Water Resources rallies SG to tackle climate change in new spot

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) has released a 45-second film titled “Game Change Climate Change” as part of its campaign Climate Game Changer to show Singapore’s responses to the challenges brought by climate change. Done in collaboration with Grey Group Singapore, it leverages on what the government, corporations and several individuals already have in place, as an inspiration for everyone in the country to adopt that intuitive mindset to take action.

The campaign stems from Singapore’s vulnerability to climate change due to lack of natural resources like water and limited land, showcasing how Singapore is building long-term sustainability through future planning, intensive R&D and technology of the day.

Konstantin Popovi, CEO of Grey Singapore said: “Imagine if campaigns like these could inspire the game changer in all of us. Singapore has set an incredible example. A reminder to us to dream bigger than a small nation should. That’s humbling and exhilarating.”

Aaron Phua, ECD of Grey Singapore said the campaign was aimed at “relishing the DNA” to respond to a pressing issue, and everyone had a part to play in turning it around. He further said the starting point was for more people to be made aware that "climate change was no longer a problem in the distance, but increasingly an arm’s length away".

Separately, coinciding with this being the year of the Singapore Food Story, an initiative launched by MEWR, Grey Singapore also released a companion campaign on food security under the theme. According to the press statement, food security is a universal problem as climate change affects food sources globally, leaving Singapore extremely susceptible as a population of 5.7 million relying on the rest of the world for 90% of its food supply.

Phua added that 90% is a staggering number which not all Singaporeans are aware of. "Across our follow-up campaign, we again let the facts lead the way. Climate change causes a chain reaction that ends on your plate. It’s that direct," he said.

Grey Singapore has actively been a part of climate change campaigns. Earlier this year, it took on a multi-layered assignment that included three through-the-line campaigns to raise public awareness on how consumers can play their part in strengthening food security in the country, as appointed by MEWR.

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