Mindshare Malaysia partners Hyperlab for Shop+ initiative

Mindshare Malaysia has partnered with Hyperlab to launch Shop+, which it will create artificial intelligence powered bots for advertising and brand’s owned assets.

Under this partnership, Mindshare’s clients will be able to create both conversational and commerce bots to drive engagement and user experience for brand advertising assets. These bots will help consumers discover, engage and purchase products based on their personal behaviour and preferences across brands websites, instant messengers and ad units.

“In these times of extremely connected consumers, advertising has to evolve into becoming conversational at all levels of the consumer journey. Shop+ will help clients deliver hyperpersonalised consumer experiences and enhance the intent to purchase. The aim is to make every form of media shoppable,” said Dheeraj  Raina, general manager and head of strategy of Mindshare.

Astro Go Shop has come on board as the first client to use the services of Shop+.

“The customer is always central to what we do. Shop+ helps us to tailor our response and offerings to consumers dynamically based on their behaviour and predictive data analytics. We want to champion the personalised delivery of consumer experiences and use of AI is the best way to do that”, said Rozina Aziz, CMO, Go Shop.





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