MILO surprises expectant mother at home after in-laws chase down delivery truck

Nestle Malaysia’s MILO has surprised yet another consumer by dispatching a MILO truck to her home in Kuantan. This came after several media outlets ran a story of a couple chased down a MILO delivery truck last week to get their hands on the beverage as their pregnant daughter-in-law was craving for it. However, they were told later on by the driver that the drink was unavailable at the point in time, multiple media reports including The Star stated.

To quench her thirst, MILO decided to surprise the family and shared the surprise with netizens on Twitter, adding that the truck driver also shared the beverage with the orphanages in Taman Pengasih, Kuantan.

Netizens' response have been positive, with many applauding MILO for the initiative. Meanwhile, the initial video of the couple chasing the truck gained traction online, resulting in 42,377 retweets and 30,015 likes on Twitter.


In a statement to A+M, Maria Murni Nur Azmi, consumer marketing manager for MILO, said this initiative was unplanned and the team was alerted about it on Monday afternoon. During that period of time, the video of the highway chase was just gaining traction and only went viral between Monday evening to Tuesday morning. According to Maria, netizens were very curious to know what happened after the chase and were hoping for a happy end to the story.

"It was a very unique experience for MILO. It's not everyday you will see individuals chasing down a truck and they do that because of brand love. I felt very honoured and touched that this happened," Maria said. As such, she and the team contacted the in-laws and sent over a MILO truck. Maria told A+M that the in-laws also invited an orphanage nearby to share the beverage.

Last October, the brand sent a MILO van to a young girl's school, after she made headlines when she spilled the drink in the car and was made to clean up the mess. MILO said then that it hopes the drink will energise the young girl and her friends. In 2017, MILO also treated fans of Singaporean singer Nathan Hartono to free drinks, after he said he would rent a fleet of MILO trucks for his fans if he won the popular Chinese singing contest Sing! China.