Milo reaches out with Breakfast Movement

As a part of the Milo Breakfast Movement , Milo is running a digital movement across Malaysia via its new website in efforts to raise a minimum of 100,000 breakfast pledges, after which the brand will contribute 100,000 nutritious breakfasts for Malaysians.

From 15 March to 12 May, Malaysians are invited to submit their Milo breakfast goals at Milo's website.

Milo has also roped in Malaysian national bowler Shalin Zulkifli, whose goal is to train and motivate the kids at her bowling academy to take their skills to the next level.

The top 20 finalists of the Milo Breakfast Movement contest will receive monetary support from Milo to help them achieve their personal goals.

Winners will be announced during Malaysia Breakfast Day on 19 May at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

This campaign follows the success of last year's, when Milo collected more than 10,000 pledges before the stipulated deadline.

"One out of three Malaysian children leave their home without having breakfast. Through this campaign, Milo began to understand the underlying issues with children not eating a proper breakfast and its impact on a child's performance. The campaign then further grew into ‘The Milo Breakfast Movement' that we are announcing today," said executive director, Coffee & Beverages Unit, Nestlé Products, Don Howat.

Milo has also gone on-ground through its Milo sampling vans, which have visited commercial offices and neighbourhood parks March onwards through a series of concourse events themed ‘Milo Breakfast Champion' in Penang, Pahang, Johor, Klang Valley, Melaka and Sabah.

Malaysia Breakfast Day will be the biggest breakfast gathering in Malaysia and is an effort by Milo to make its mark on Malaysia's calendar to raise awareness and reinforce the message that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day.