Mileage partners Sergat from Spain

Mileage Communications Group has announced an exclusive and strategic partnership with Sergat to provide public relations support services in Asia for Spanish and other European companies.

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Barcelona, Sergat is a PR communications agency for the tourism, hospitality and aviation industries in Spain.

The partnership opens the doors for Spanish and European tourism organisations, hotel properties and passenger transportation companies to penetrate the rapidly growing Asian markets through the Asian regional network of Mileage's offices. Likewise, similar Asian companies entering the European markets can capitalise on Sergat's expertise and its network of European offices.

"This strategic partnership with Mileage will benefit the Spanish and European companies looking to expand in Asia," said Marc Meister von Graffenried (pictured right), founder and president of Sergat.

Datuk Nancy Yeoh, managing director of RAPR Mileage Communications, said European tourism, hospitality and aviation companies are increasingly stepping up their marketing activities in the Malaysian market and the agency is looking forward to helping them expand further through this collaboration with Sergat.

Sergat's network in the main European markets include Spain, Germany, Benelux, the UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal.

Mileage Communications is a full-service strategic marketing communications and PR consultancy. Headquartered in Singapore, the group comprises 12 offices across seven Asian countries.