The Middle Ground launches fundraiser to keep operations going for 2017

Independent news site The Middle Ground has launched a fundraising Patreon campaign to help it continue running through 2017. The campaign aims to raise SG$15,000 per month, an amount which represents a portion of its expenses which it hopes to cover with ads and editorial work.

The news site is currently helmed by veteran journalist Bertha Henson (pictured left). It hopes to raise awareness of social issues in 2017 by running regular content on race relations, mental illness and eldercare. The monthly donations will come in different tiers, which will see different levels of benefits to donors.

For US$3 (SG$4.27) a month, patrons get early access to TMG videos, patron-only polls and sustainable, independent journalism. US$10 will provide patrons with access to regular reports on how TMG uses its funds, as well as a peek into the behind-the-scenes at TMG through stories that show how staff covered key news stories, a TMG umbrella (only available in Singapore) and all previous rewards.

For US$25 a month, patrons will be invited to TMG forums and focus groups, and will have their names written on the TMG office walls to show visitors who it has to thank for what it is able to do and all previous rewards.

Meanwhile, patrons who donate US$100 per month will get exclusive access to the editors for a cup of coffee and a chat over what TMG is up to, plus all previous rewards.

"We hope to show that there is demand for balanced, independent, high quality news and views in Singapore. It's something society needs and yet it has always been a struggle to find a sustainable model for it,” Daniel Yap (pictured right), publisher of The Middle Ground, said.