Apple trumps Microsoft during the latter's own marketing move

Remember when Ellen was really excited about the new Samsung phone but went backstage and tweeted using her trusty iPhone during the Oscars?

Seems like it is happening all over again.

Covering the mid-term elections was no easy feat and CNN reporters on air were handed the Surface Pro 3 device by Microsoft to aid them in the process. Unfortunately, the reporters were far more comfortable using their personal iPads and simply ended up using the Surface Pro 3 as stands to support their iPads.


Take a look at the tweets that surfaced shortly after:

This is not the first time Microsoft faced a major burn from Apple.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft also signed a deal with sports commentators during the NFL season. The commentators, in a bid to promote the product, ended up referring to the Surface devices as “iPad-like tools”.

Deja vu Microsoft? Guess you just can't buy brand love.