Microsoft shows off plans to take on Apple at yesterday’s event

Microsoft clearly took aim at Apple during its event in New York yesterday, by rolling out a plan that gives a US $650 rebate for anyone who trades in their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for Microsoft’s own Surface Book and Surface Pro, according to

Speculators expect that Apple is about to unveil their new MacBook Pro today and Microsoft cleverly preempted the announcement by starting the offer today. Moreover, the tech pioneer unveiled a new, faster, version of its Surface Book with an i7 processor to give consumers a viable alternative to Apple’s notebooks.

In yet another swipe at its rival, Microsoft showcased its answer to the iMac series; an all-in-one desktop computer with only one wire, but with touch-screen, called the Surface Studio.

The new products will ship with the latest edition of Windows 10, which Microsoft has dubbed the Creator’s Edition. This new Windows 10 update will include new 3D creation tools, live-streaming and custom tournaments for the Xbox app that partners with the Xbox One, and a focus on communicating by putting "people at the center of the Windows experience."

A major point for many users is the new edition of Paint. Paint 3D allows users to transform pictures into 3D "memories," export three-dimensional Minecraft creations, or just mess around in 3D. The new focus is in line with Microsoft’s HoloLens hardware, which can project 3D images on real surfaces.

As a cherry on top, Microsoft also decided to jump on the VR bandwagon, and will roll out its own headsets in 2017 through third-party manufacturers such as Asus, Acer, Lenovo and Dell.

You can catch up with the event and through Microsoft's live coverage video here.