Microsoft launches cloud-based server

Microsoft celebrates its 20th anniversary in Malaysia with the launch of its new Windows Server 2012, the server version to be used in its soon-to-be-launched Windows 8.

The new server is deemed the only server ‘Built from the Cloud Up', to provide customers with a modern platform for applications.

The Windows Server 2012 also includes significant new advancements in virtualisation, storage, networking and automation.

"Cloud computing is driving a massive transformation in the IT industry, giving customers the opportunity to move faster, innovate for their businesses with more focus, and to reduce costs," said Danny Ong (pictured), chief marketing and operations officer of Microsoft Malaysia.

"The operating system has always been the heartbeat of IT and is now undergoing a renaissance in the new world of continuous cloud services, connected devices and big data," added Ong.

While it aims to help solve fundamental business and IT challenges, Ong said it could also help marketers analyse and use data.

"For a brand manager today, a campaign is all about encouraging the right user content and be able to use that to create brand perception," says Ong, adding that today, most marketing campaigns involve three types of data, which are transactional (when purchases are made), user-created (when social media is used) and telemetry (created by machines like satellites).

"A marketer needs to be able to capture, store, manage and analyse these data to give brand insight. Here is where the cloud comes in as the infrastructure to harness and create advocates out of the data," said Ong.

The new server includes 107 new features compared to the previous server, including disaster recovery, storage virtualisation and elimination of data duplication among others.

It will be used in Windows 8, set to launch worldwide late next month.