Microsoft gets interactive with Windows 8

Microsoft's new operating system, the Windows 8, launched yesterday (29 October) with features set to make the computing experience "seamless", accompanied by a marketing campaign.

In line with the launch, it has collaborated with Noh of local band Hujan and singer Mizz Nina, in a project called Passion8.

The project will see both Mizz Nina and Noh travelling the country in the branded content TV series, which will be aired on 8TV over eight weeks starting this November.

The duo will use technology as a platform to engage with their fans on their respective interests - fashion for Mizz Nina and music for Noh - while interacting with fans on various social media platforms.

Noh will be seen composing a song on his journeys taking inspiration from his surroundings and fans, while Mizz Nina will seek visual inspiration based on images that fans share with her, to come up with a fashion line.

As the project aims to drive more engagement with users, Microsoft will also be launching TVCs and print buys, alongside nationwide roadshows to promote Windows 8 and Windows 8 optimised devices.

Some of the popular local apps available include apps from The Star Online, MYDIN, AirAsia, DiGi and Sunway Lifestyle.

"We have made such a huge impact on transforming education, businesses and lives here in Malaysia through the power of computing technology. Today, this is best exemplified through the launch of Windows 8," said Ananth Lazarus, managing director of Microsoft Malaysia.