Microsoft: Chinese consumers open to data sharing

Microsoft has released its second edition bi-annual study Microsoft Digital Trends 2015 to help marketers understand behavioural trends of online users and changing relationship between consumers and technology in today’s digital age.

Partnered with the Future Laboratory Research, the study surveyed more than 13,000 consumers in 13 different markets around the world.

A key finding in the study is that consumers in emerging markets such as China are more acceptable to brands collecting and using their personal data, compared with developed economies.

The report found that 90% of Chinese consumers are aware that they can exchange their personal digital data for rewards or better experiences and interested to share their information as long as they know where the data is going and how it will be used.

Facing information overload, today’s consumers want more personalised and relevant information. The study showed that 90% of consumers in China look for technology to help filter messages, higher than the global average of 63%.

Additionally, close to 90% of Chinese consumers want digital services to help manage information shared online, higher than the global average of 80%.

Microsoft Advertising’s general manager of Asia Pacific Adam Anger believed this trend provides huge opportunities for marketers. But marketers have to follow the privacy rules.

“Companies have to be transparent about how data is collected and how it will be used,” he said.

“There must also be a reward given to consumers, as an incentive for them to provide data and engage with the brands’ services.”

Anger added that creating a seamless online and offline experience is also a key to help brands better engage with consumers.