Miaozhen Systems completes acquisition of RadioBuy measurement platform

Chinese marketing data and technology provider, Miaozhen Systems, has announced the completion of its acquisition of omni-media audio measurement platform, RadioBuy.

The acquisition will strengthen Miaozhen Systems’ offline media measurement ability. RadioBuy boasts a great amount of audio advertising data and possesses advanced audio recognition technology. After the acquisition – as part of Miaozhen Systems’ Omni-Marketing Intelligence (OMI) solution – it will assist in building a connected marketing measurement chain covering online and offline channels.

Jane Zhao, president of Miaozhen Systems, commented, “RadioBuy is a top-notch technology company in audio advertising measurement. Upon the completion of the acquisition, the entire resources of RadioBuy, including its talents, patents, technologies, products, clients and brand, will be fully integrated into Miaozhen Systems. We will continue to provide the current clients of RadioBuy with steady and better audio advertising measurement services by continuous upgrading and innovation.”

Miaozhen Systems – which was established in 2006 – launched the OMI earlier this year. The system is hoped to comprehensively integrate the overall needs of enterprises into a one-stop measurement solution from advertising to marketing and business operations. This included a recent landing of its OOH measurement solution.

“The acquisition of RadioBuy will further complete our product matrix and provide clients with a better and more comprehensive omni-marketing measurement service. In the future, we will invest more on R&D and innovation to enable every touchpoint during marketing measurable and optimizable in a scientific way for enterprises to drive their smart decision-making and growth,” Zhao added.