MHA’s SGSecure campaign switches gears, debuts new tagline

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has unveiled a new direction for its SGSecure campaign. The change in direction will also result in a new tagline called “Be Prepared. Our Response Matters.” Previously, the tagline was “Not If, But When. Our Response Matters.”

The new tagline comes as the ministry begins its second year into the movement. This will move from its current focus on raising public awareness on the possibility of terror attacks to instead raise preparedness levels among locals towards such events, said a media fact sheet on the campaign.

The SGSecure campaign has also gained traction on mobile, with around 974,000 mobile devices containing the SGSecure mobile application in the past year. The app, which was launched in September 2016, sends important alerts to members of the public during major incidents from the authorities. It also allows members of the public to send information to the police in case of suspicious behaviour.

Home affairs minister K. Shanmugam (pictured), said the campaign has achieved some success so far, however, more work needs to be done as citizens are not mentally tuned to preparedness. According to a report by TODAY, 220,000 households have been reached since the campaign started, with a target to reach around one million households or every household in Singapore.

Shanmugam added that around 400,000 household doors in Singapore were knocked on to engage the public on SGSecure since last September. This saw police and civil defence officers and grassroots leaders participating in the movement.