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Metro steps into e-Commerce landscape

When it comes to, browsing the programme info, financial, entertainment and music updates are no longer the only things to be expected. As metroShare, the recently upgraded e-Shop platform, has just landed on Metro’s website, which will catch users’ eyeballs and lead them to a shopping spree on the net.

A Truly Open Platform for Merchants

Riding on Metro Radio’s integrated platforms, an all rounded and cross-media promotion force covering on-air, online, e-DM, Apps and social media is deployed to promote products provided by wide range of merchants.

Promotion message will relay to mass audience and web member base of the Radio while vast majority of them possess strong spending power. It is an open platform that merchants can join freely to get their products hitting the shelves on metroShare which enables the merchants to reach an extensive pool of high potential customers.

Merchants do not need to pay even a buck for such a powerful promotion effect; the only expense out of merchant’s pocket will be trifling administration fee when product is successfully transacted.

Diverse Product Range for Shoppers

To fully deliver the concept of diversification, diverse range of products with special offers is readily available on metroShare and product category includes lifestyle, high-tech, digital, accessories of the trend, F&B and fun and more are coming up as more merchants are joining.

With the concise and neat interface of the e-Shop, shoppers will be able to find special priced products fitting their consumption needs by just an easy click and after some simple steps of transaction; product will be delivered to the shopper’s desired location in a timely manner.

Quick facts: – Over 530,000 registered members

Metro Apps – Over three million of downloads

Metro official facebook – Over 100,000 likes

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