Mercedes-Benz captures special moments of Lunar New Year with 32 short films

Mercedes-Benz's integrated, regional Lunar New Year campaign titled "There's A Million Things We Love About Chinese New Year", features 32 short films that focus on personal, authentic and unique ways people celebrate their Lunar New Year, moving away from the festive cliches.

The short films capture the unique moments of what makes Lunar New Year so special for consumers and features celebrities such as Jimmy Choo, local market influencers and the general public. Done together with Publicis Emil Malaysia, the campaign aims to create real dialogue with our target and engage with them to share their own special moments; including the family, history, music, superstitions, festive food and moments spent with friends and loved ones.

The campaign is also futher extended with the line “And Here’s Another” introducing the Mercedes Benz Lunar New Year Promotion.

Cleus Weidner, president and CEO, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said Lunar New Year is a very important time of the year for the brand, its customers and staff members.

"This year we wanted to celebrate the very moments that make Lunar New Year so special; the big, the small, the very individual things that we love and cherish about Lunar New Year. It’s in these millions of little moments that make your Lunar New Year, uniquely yours,” he added.

Dean Bramham, market acceleration lead for Publicis Emil Southeast Asia added, “Creating authentic moments that make Lunar New Year special was the approach this year. The challenge was creating moments, big and small, that are relevant to such a large number of Mercedes-Benz geographies."

He added that creating 32 films with an international cast was its solution that gave local markets the freedom to tailor the program to their market needs.

In 2018, Publicis Groupe won the global creative duties for Mercedes-Benz including creative in all markets aside from the US and China, as well as digital transformation work. Publicis created a bespoke agency, Publicis Emil, to look after the Mercedes-Benz business.