MeleTOP sponsor calls out Neelofa for 'unprofessional' and 'disrespectful' attitude

Glowing Party House, a sponsor for Astro's entertainment show MeleTOP, has called out Neelofa (pictured) for being a "diva" and being "unprofessional" and "disrespectful". The founder of Glowing Party House (a party shop), Masviona Muhamad, said her company has worked with MeleTOP on several occasions and this time round, it agreed to sponsor balloon decorations for an episode where MeleTOP was celebrating one million YouTube subscribers. While there were previously no issues working with MeleTOP, Masviona said in the post that this time around, the team was "unhappy" with co-host Neelofa for being "disrespectful".

According to Masviona, Neelofa entered the studio at 6.40 pm and asked if the balloon decorations were only to be used for the first segment or the entire duration of the show. Upon finding out that it was the latter, Neelofa pressed for the balloon decorations to either only be used in the first segment or be rearranged and removed as she did not want the decorations to be behind her.

Following Neelofa's request, Glowing Party House was requested to change the set up and create a new arrangement with the letters "1 MIL" at the centre. Masviona said such behaviour reflected Neelofa's "bad attitude" and "no manners" as Glowing Party House was in the midst of its final set up.

Masviona said the star was "unappreciative" of Glowing Party House's efforts to accommodate her and was unhappy with the balloon arrangement done by its master balloon artist. She then began pushing aside the balloons and shifting the decor around halfway through the show's segment. Also, Neelofa apparently mentioned the sponsor's name wrongly, saying "Glowing House Party" instead of "Glowing Party House".

In a follow up post, Masviona added that this is not a "cheap marketing tactic" on her part and she had the right, as a sponsor, to have expectations. Neelofa declined to comment on A+M's queries. A+M has reached out to Astro for comment.

Neelofa recently rebranded the Instagram page of Naelofar Hijab to Naelofar, to ensure it can be the one-stop centre for all things Naelofar. She was also featured in Swarovski's Hari Raya campaign showcasing the Swarovski Raya Selection. Besides focusing her efforts on hosting, sponsorships and growing her business, the social media influencer also gave back to society by participating in Starbucks Malaysia's “MY Cups of Kindness” campaign last August.

She assumed the role of a barista at Four Seasons Place and donated RM0.50 to a charity close to her heart for every purchase of Starbucks' new summer beverages.

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