Meet Isaac ramps up membership programme and digital presence for Crystal Jade

 This post is sponsored by Meet Isaac.

Appointed as Crystal Jade’s digital agency, Meet Isaac’s primary focus was to implement an effective loyalty programme and ramp up its digital presence. With that, Meet Isaac cooked up a 360 offline-to-online experience model for the programme, which included having a mobile app and eCommerce store for members.

Launched in 2015, Crystal Jade’s loyalty programme, the Jadeite Rewards Program, saw several milestones for Crystal Jade, namely being the first Chinese restaurant to launch an eCommerce store and a mobile application, and the only Chinese restaurant to offer a free-to-join membership tier and employ the use of digital membership cards.

To enhance the customer journey, a series of customer life cycle management communications were put in place to automate offers and prompts upon reaching important membership milestones. These personalised communications ensure that members in all segments are communicated to in a targeted manner.

In its efforts to increase Crystal Jade’s relevancy and engagement, Meet Isaac leveraged on its strength in digital media and cross-promoted the Jadeite loyalty programme on both Facebook and Instagram.

E-vouchers and special Jadeite-exclusive promotions are frequently posted on these platforms to entice the public to sign up as members, and to encourage members to utilise the e-vouchers and promotions, which translate to increased footfall and revenue.

Further leveraging on social media, these social posts on Facebook are linked to the eCommerce store to drive awareness and traffic. Unlike many other loyalty programmes, Crystal Jade opted to go cardless, and a digital card was incorporated into the mobile app, making it easily accessible throughout.

This effectively saved production and marketing costs, and provides convenience for customers. With this all-encompassing virtual membership card, customers are able to redeem their rebates in-store, online or on the Crystal Jade mobile app itself.

Embracing technology and incorporating it into its offerings, Crystal Jade’s eCommerce store allows diners to purchase seasonal items online. It is easily accessible on the mobile app and the entire process – from viewing, selection, to payment – is fuss-free and user-friendly. This increases not only accessibility, but also opens up another stream of revenue.

To ramp up Crystal Jade’s digital presence, interesting and engaging content is rolled out on Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. User-generated content such as “Foodie Fam Wednesday”, video content, including the Intern series, and gamification was introduced to increase relatability, engagement online and member acquisition.

As a result of the effective membership model and digital efforts, Crystal Jade’s membership pool recorded a six-times growth year-on-year, an eight-times increase in target audience acquisition, and a more than 29% increase in member-day sales. This cemented Crystal Jade’s position as one of the leading Chinese restaurants in Singapore.