Mediacorp's Toggle moves to enhance TV viewing experience

Mediacorp’s Toggle has launched Toggle Red Button, a new service to further the free-to-air TV viewing experience. It will amalgamate live broadcast TV and Toggle’s video-on-demand catalogue service.

The service was developed in partnership with Finland-based HbbTV solution provider, Sofia Digital and is based on a hybrid technology known as Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV). It will be the first in Asia to be deployed, currently in use by a closed user group and is slated to be available end-June.

Currently, it is widely utilised across Europe, Australia and New Zealand with adoption rates up to 80% in some markets and a range of services such as games, voting and contextualised advertising. It rides on Mediacorp’s Digital TV (DVB-T2) network and hopes to seamlessly combine broadcast with broadband TV. Running only on HbbTV-enabled Smart TVs certified for the service, it will be available on selected models by major TV manufacturers.

Access to the service will be done through the pressing of the red button on the TV remote control to gain access to the programmes, conveniently making the switch between video programmes and free-to-air television. Catch-up television options are also available as Toggle claims it negates the need for the use of recording devices or set top boxes for users to remember to record their favourite shows.

Some future developments in the pipeline include services such as stock quotes, personalised watch-lists, voting and social engagement.

“This is just the beginning of a range of new features we have planned for the service. Our consumers can look forward to new content and a new level of interactivity. Advertisers can also look forward to innovations in reaching their customers such as addressable TV features and transaction capabilities,” Anil Nihalani, Head, Connected Media, Mediacorp said.