MediaCorp’s Talking Point banks on new social platform for content

MediaCorp’s live English current affairs TV talk show Talking Point, which uses social content aggregator services to enhance its viewer participation, is set to utilise social platform’s STORY social TV when the new season goes on air next week.

By utilising’s STORY 1.6, social content application views and opinions can be easily incorporated into the show’s studio debates from across the entire social media landscape. This means that snap polls, graphs, comment captions, and other types of viewer sentiment mapping and audience opinion can be quickly worked  into Talking Point’s programme narrative in real-time.

Yvonne Lim, Talking Point’s executive producer, said:“Using a new social TV platform enables us even greater control of gathering, managing and publishing social content on air. Allowing viewers to have their voices heard greatly enhances the show by providing insights into what topics are important and popular amongst Singaporeans.”

Scott Davies, CEO of, said: “STORY is a constantly evolving platform for content discovery, curation, and publishing, and included with the latest version are many new features which Talking Point will be utilising. This includes the aggregation of all social content in a single incoming stream which can be then be represented visually in a quick and easy to read format.” broadcast clients and programme makers who have utilised STORY include Sky, QVC, Televisa, MTG, Fox Sports Australia, MBC, Telemundo, Viacom, Al Jazeera Network, NBC Universal, CBC, Don’t Look Down, USA Network and TV New Zealand.

In addition commercial clients and ad agencies who have utilised the platform to create social-driven advertising campaigns in a number of international territories have included Coca-Cola, Apollo Travel, Gain, Not On The High Street, Sprint, Intel, Diesel, Starcom, Leo Burnett, OMD and Vodafone.

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