MediaCorp OOH Media revs up 10 Opti-prime screens

MediaCorp OOH Media is revving up 10 of its Opti-prime screens located at Orchard Road and the Central Business Districts. This is to further connect with and engage the digital consumers in these high traffic belts.

These screens now have an NFC-function, made available by Medialogy Lab’s Omnify technology. According to MediaCorp, integrating Omnify with its screens redefines digital out-of-home advertising for advertisers, enabling highly interactive content with immediate call to actions for the public. Not only can content be pushed to consumers, the Omnified screens can pull data as well.

The upgraded Opti-prime screens can host interactive games, live feeds, transactions and even immediate social media sharing. This means that ads can now go beyond the out-of-home audience to reach out to the online consumers, enabling brands to give their target audience a more personalised experience.

By Omnifying the Opti-prime screens, OOH Media hopes to bridge the gap between online and offline audience, giving advertisers a seamless follow through to engage and interact with their audiences from their ads on screen to immediate call to action. These advertisements allow commuters to grab deals with convenience wherever they are.

Now, with the screens’ multi-NFC touchpoints, advertisers can now create dynamic content ranging from e-voucher downloads, games which uses the mobile device to live search maps. Besides reaching out to out-of-home audiences, these upgraded Opti-prime screens can now engage the digital crowd as well, allowing social media sharing and instant-messaging.

GrabTaxi’s Grab Convenience campaign is the first on the newest upgraded screens, designing its content to take advantage of the NFC function available on the 10 Opti-Prime screens.

It features a live feed of the locations of the taxis registered with GrabTaxi around the vicinity of the bus shelter, a free promotional ride, GrabTaxi’s social media pages as well as a place to download the application. All these can be done within one screen in a hassle-free manner. This campaign will run until 2 December 2015.

According to MediaCorp OOH's press statement,  within two weeks of the campaign, more than 300 interactions were recorded.

Henry Goh, head of OOH Media said, “We are excited to partner Medialogy Lab to omnify our screens as we now offer additional solutions to enable our advertisers to create more impactful digital campaigns that can translate to real actionables backed by real-time data accountability for their media buy. We believe this will not only revitalise the digital OOH space but also offer myriad possibilities to enable a disruption of the marketplace.”