MediaCorp OOH Media platform diversifies its offerings

MediaCorp’s OOH Media platform has converted all its 12 sheet screen wrap formats inside the bus shelters in the city to “Opti-Prime” format. This includes incorporating three new differing formats namely, 4 Prime, Digiboard and Digi6.

The 4 Prime static is said to be bigger than the typical 4-sheet size and provides a medium static format for advertisers to engage audience within the shelter. It can be used in conjunction with the digital screen or as a standalone static poster.

The Digiboard is suitable for zonal activation with short and crisp tagline for call to action. It can also be used in conjunction with TVC on the digital screen to support the advertisement and generate more localized call to action.

Whereas, Digi6 can be deployed to augment the six Sheet poster network to provide additional city coverage. As it is essentially a digital screen, it can include elements of movement to breathe “life” into an otherwise static poster.

The new offerings provide advertisers with the flexibility and variety to reach a wide spectrum of demographics. Located at strategic path-to-purchase locations, these new formats will aid in helping to seal the last mile marketing frontier from home to store, said MediaCorp in a statement. The company also added that the digital offering enables “consistent engagement from home to out of home with the ability to push ads synchronously with print and time belt scheduling.”

“Advertisers’ campaigns can be made more effective with the ability to target specific audience vis-à-vis the locality,” the company added.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of celebrating family this Lunar New Year season, MediaCorp has partnered with the National Population and Talent Division on the SG50Baby community initiative.

Henry Goh, head of MediaCorp’s OOH Media, said: “The new Opti-Prime format is a very compelling media platform for our advertisers to maximise exposure to their target audiences. By just making simple formatting changes to our presentation, we are able to offer better positioning and placements for our advertisers. We are delighted to launch the Opti-Prime with the SG50Baby community initiative by NPTD. I look forward to more of such meaningful partnerships to come.”

Commuters transiting at the 20 locations with Opti-Prime formats will be able to find out more about the SG50 Baby Community initiative, including how to send a free e-greeting card plus a special discount coupon to their friends or family members who are recent parents, and about the Marriage & Parenthood Package that supports Singaporean couples to set up and raise a family.