Media Prima Radio Networks launches 3 new initiatives

Media Prima Radio Networks (MPRN) has launched three brand new initiatives today aimed towards strengthening its industry position and realising new revenue opportunities. The three new initiatives are categorised as Podcast, E-Commerce and Icon.

MPRN aims to always stay ahead of the curve by creating a Podcast hub with a new brand: Ais Kacang. Via Ais Kacang, listeners can listen to Original Programming Content; with 30 different podcasts content weekly in Malay, English and Chinese.  Ais Kacang is available from 1 April 2017 via the official website;, mobile application and iTunes.

MPRN is banking on the popularity of online shopping to generate additional revenue in offering an alternative way for e-commerce merchants to advertise and promote their e-commerce platforms.

With this latest offering, MPRN acts as virtual storefront where partners can advertise their special offers or products through the official website of Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM. From there, a web surfer can click on the “offer window” and will be directed to the official website of the business partners where the sales transaction is subject to the merchant’s terms and conditions.

Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM and Kool FM will have its own icon which reflects the character of the station as well as their target audience. These icons are created with the aim to further strengthen the stations’ branding and to explore new business opportunity in producing premium merchandise and to generate revenue through this initiative.  The icons will demonstrate their individual character aggressively through respective social media platforms and digital content. This strategy is consistent with the position that has a database MPRN followers on social and active, and the number of consumers who love these characters.

MPRN hopes to develop the icons into animated content and also to venture towards virtual gaming in line with current consumer trends.

According to the chief executive officer, Media Prima Radio Networks, Seelan Paul, "All three of these new products and initiatives is to showcase the continuation of MPRN to compete and remain relevant in the rapid changing media landscape. As an example, the Ais Kacang podcast aim to capitalise on the popularity of podcasts globally and adapt it for Malaysian consumers. It will indeed complement our radio stations by providing a new platform for our audience. MPRN also harness the power of our digital platforms that has almost 7.7 million followers. Through this platform, we can provide our clients with another viable alternative and wider reach to advertise and promote their products and services aimed towards the digital community.”