MDEC undergoes restructure, names new division heads

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has unveiled a major organisational restructure within the company. The reinvented MDEC will introduce four strategic focus areas that will be driven by a newly-constituted MDEC Operating Council comprising five divisions.

With four strategic focus areas and cross-division agile teams, MDEC expects to break down silos and drive both synergies and efficiencies across teams. It claims that under the restructure, people, industry and investors will benefit from streamlined access to relevant subject-matter expertise, programmes and financial support initiatives. Internally, processes will also be much less labour-intensive through digitalisation, enabling better customer service.

The four focus areas are: digital MDEC, digitally-powered businesses, digital investment, digitally-skilled Malaysians.

According to a press release, digital MDEC will prioritise strategic national alignment and the complete digitalisation of all MDEC’s processes and services. It will also implement the recommendations from the holistic governance review. Meanwhile, digitally-powered businesses will drive two specific thrusts: driving digital adoption among businesses and scaling digital industry players. MDEC’s digital investments focus will aim to attract investment into the catalytic digital-tech sectors and 4IR technologies, and the main thrust of digitally skilled Malaysians will be on re-skilling and job matching.

The new MDEC Operating Council comprises five divisions: Strategy, Adoption, Industry, Investment and Brand, as well as Skills and Jobs.

MDEC has appointed Fadzli Shah to lead the strategy division, as well as Ng Wan Peng and Gopi Ganesalingam to lead the Adoption and Industry divisions under its digitally-powered businesses focus respectively. Meanwhile, Raymond Siva will be heading its Investment and Brand division, while Sumitra Nair will be leading the Skills and Jobs division. All five division leaders will report to Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC, and work closely with the transformation and corporate functions.

The five divisions are expected to collaborate closely and deploy agile teams to work across the divisions to provide fast and seamless solutions to address opportunities and challenges.

In addition, MDEC will introduce the IOOI (input, output, outcome, impact) valuation metrics in its planning to guide future resource allocation and utilisation, and effectively measure the organisation’s socio-economic contribution to society. This will directly cultivate a highperforming and high-impact organisation.

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