MCI's new spot says the greatest sacrifices are often ones that can't be seen

In lieu of Chinese New Year, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has launched a three-minute film telling the story of a father-and-son pair with large, identical facial birthmarks. Titled "Birthmark", the spot aims to pass the message that the greatest sacrifices are the ones that cannot be seen.

The film follows the evolution of the pair's relationship – from one of warmth and unity to one of tension and discord. Set in the early 1980s and 1990s, it also pays homage to the Merdeka Generation’s unconditional and often unrecognised acts of love for their families. Conceptualised by creative agency BLKJ, the spot also looks to inspire everyone to reflect on the things done by loved ones that may have gone unnoticed, and to show appreciation this Chinese New Year.

In addition to BLKJ, “Birthmark” was produced in collaboration with local production house Freeflow Productions, while media was handled by Starcom Media Worldwide. The film will air on free-to-air TV, StarHub TV, selected cinemas, the YouTube channel and Facebook page. The film was shot by Singaporean director Roslee Yusof, and follows a series of other Merdeka Generation short films by local filmmakers, including “A Lifesaver’s Passion” and “A Teacher’s Education”.

BLKJ's chief executive officer Rowena Bhagchandani said that the Merdeka Generation is a generation of giving and sacrifice, and many of them gave up their own interests and happiness, to give their loved ones a better life. "This story may be fictional, but it is inspired by a quiet selflessness that is real and evident in so many Singaporeans from that generation. We hope that this will be a timely reminder not to take our families and their love for granted," she added.