MCI rolls out 3 tech training programmes for youths and mid-career workers

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) will be launching two new programmes under the SG Cyber Talent initiative to provide cybersecurity training to young Singaporeans. According to senior minister of MCI, Janil Puthucheary, this is in line with the ministry's aim to build a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals to support Singapore’s ambitions to be a cybersecurity hub. 

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), a government agency under MCI, is in charge of the SG Cyber Talent initiative. The first programme under this initiative will see CSA work with the cybersecurity community and educators to nurture young Singaporeans with an aptitude in cybersecurity. This will mean providing selected participants with an arena for cyber sparring, mentorship, customised training, and some support to participate in overseas competitions.

The second programme will see CSA building communities of practice, offering training in cybersecurity, and connecting cybersecurity leaders to global practices and technologies. Puthucheary said the programme seeks to equip cybersecurity leaders to secure their organisations more effectively. According to Channel NewsAsia, the first programme is named "SG Cyber Olympians programme", while the second programme is named "SG Cyber Leaders programme".

The SG Cyber Talent initiative is estimated to reach more than 20,000 individuals over the next three years through new and existing programmes. Marketing has reached out to MCI for additional information.

Additionally, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) will be launching a new programme, "TeSA Mid-Career Advance", for professionals aged 40 and above. According to Minister for Communications and Information, S Iswaran, the programme caters to mid-career workers who feel the uncertainty caused by technological disruption, and stand to gain from the new jobs that are being created. 

Under the programme, the government will support companies to hire and train mid-career professionals for tech-related jobs, regardless of whether they have background in infocommunications and technology. Participating companies will benefit from access to a bigger pool of local talent, as well as government subsidies to partially offset the cost of the training and salaries for the duration of the training. Iswaran said ten companies have already come on board with the programme, committing to create approximately 500 positions covering both tech and tech-lite roles. He also said the ministry aims to place an additional 2,000 Singaporeans in companies through this programme.

The new programmes comes shortly after the government delivered its Budget 2020 speech last month. The speech mentions building Singapore's digital economy, with its four takeaways including boosting data security, giving start-ups an added push, supporting the growth of enterprises, and strengthening partnerships within Singapore and globally. The programmes are in line with its objective to boost data security.

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