MCI makes content push with the help of local filmmaker Royston Tan [VIDEO]

The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has collaborated with Royston Tan and Tribal Worldwide Singapore for the local director’s latest telemovie, “The Provision Shop”.

It explores the theme of social adjustment and the initial discomfort, latent angst and eventual joys of embracing diversity in multicultural Singapore. The telemovie had a mix of both poignant and humorous scenes, keeping viewers intrigued and entertained including a brief spoof of the hottest K-drama show this year to excite K-movie buffs.

The main cast of the four stories set in this provision shop includes several veteran actors and actresses such as Marcus Chin, Sora Ma, Brandon Wong and Chinese actor Cui Yang.

Aired on 17 July 2016, it presents the provision shop as a microcosm of a local community grappling with social tensions due to greater diversity, and shows how its members grow in understanding, respect and care for one another through greater interaction and shared experiences.

“As we continue to evolve as a community, I hope that we will continue to build on and preserve the 人情味 that is at the heart of our interactions – that human connection and understanding which knit us together, no matter where we come from,” Tan said.

“The characters reflect some of our attitudes and perceptions of others and how positive changes can come about if we open our hearts and minds to those who call Singapore home,” Jeff Cheong, president of Tribal Worldwide Singapore said.

Watch the trailer here: