MCI creates short films to showcase the lives of the Merdeka Generation

In a tribute to the Merdeka Generation, Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)  has partnered with MM2 Entertainment to launch a series of four short films. The films, titled The Merdeka Stories, will be released in cinemas, online, and on free-to-air television from 31 January 2019 onwards, as a lead-up to the Tribute Event to be hosted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 2 February 2019.

The films depict the lives of the Merdeka Generation Singaporeans born in the 1950s, who grew up amidst the uncertainty of  the nation’s formative years. The films feature how they built up Singapore’s defence, supported the industrialisation, set up homes and raised families, as well as rallied communities together.

Directed by four local directors, Don Aravind, Martin Hong, Priscilla Ang Geck Geck, and Wee Li Lin, together with local writer Jean Tay, the films look back at memorable experiences set in Singapore of yesteryear. The directors look to explore themes of resilience, duty, courage, entrepreneurship, and how the Merdeka Generation continues to inspire and shape current and future generations.

These short films depict Singapore’s earlier years, focusing on four characters of the time. This includes an early National Servicemen, a mother raising a family while working from her own kitchen, a young factory girl who gave up her studies to support her family, and a kampong of neighbours. The four films look to exemplify the values and ethos held by the Merdeka Generation.

The Soldier:

The Kampong:

The Mother:

The Factory Girl:

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