McDonald’s new hunger for Hong Kong

McDonald’s Hong Kong menu will no longer only have buns and curly fries, but chicken and beef rice combinations.

Apple Daily has today reported McDonald’s will debut its new offering from next Monday starting with the dinner menu and, depending on the response, expand it to lunch.

The beef and chicken combinations are offered along rice and broccoli or in a tortilla wrap paired with fries and coke for HK$28.

For eight dollars more, customers can add on another cup of veggies, cream of mushroom soup or dessert. Dinner options for couples or a party of three will also be available.

“Hong Kongers love to eat rice for dinner, so McDonald’s has been thinking about it for years," McDonald’s Hong Kong managing director Randy Lai to Apple Daily, adding that the response in Taiwan was impressive.

"We’ve been selling McDonald’s rice as a pilot experiment in 10 of our outlets and received good response,” she added.

Though rice combinations are not new in McDonald’s – Thailand has something similar, Hong Kong had a rice-patty burger named ‘Fantastic’ years ago, while Malaysia has a porridge option – its efforts is to regain market share from its competitors like Café de Coral, Fairwood, Maxims’ and KFC, which also offers dinner options.

“Facing the looming rising costs of ingredients and rent, adding a dinner option to McDonald’s offerings can increase revenue,” said Lai.

McDonald’s was not available to comment at time of writing.