McDonald's MY runs elections campaign on its own menu to drive engagement

Malaysians have voted and the Double Cheeseburger has emerged as Malaysia's top McDonald's product with 520,849 votes, beating out the Ayam Goreng McD and McChicken.

McDonald's decided to get creative with the selection process by launching its first McD Elections earlier this month, allowing consumers to decide which is Malaysia's No.1 McDonald's product. To vote, consumers had to make one purchase and each purchase counted as one "tummy vote".

It even rolled out three campaign videos, with two videos featuring the rallies for the Double Cheeseburger and Ayam Goreng McD. In the videos, a "reporter" was on site to cover the rallies, drumming up support for the two products. Meanwhile, the third video showed a McChicken spokesperson at a press conference concerning the McD Elections 2019.

In a statement to A+M, marketing director Eugene Lee said the McD Elections 2019 was a fun way to drive customer engagement and get consumers excited about its core menu items. "Usually, consumers get excited about limited-time menu items, but we wanted to make sure our core menu items also got the attention they deserved," he said.

Lee added that its elections were also inspired by the 14th General Elections which occurred last year and it was "a good timing" to have this initiative. Leo Burnett and iDotYou were involved in the campaign, which McDonald's expects an ROI of 400%, according to Lee.

He also said that consumers loved the campaign and have shown support for their favourite products on social media, as well as visiting restaurants more often to cast their tummy votes.