McDonald’s Malaysia celebrates tough love in Rasa Sayang campaign

TBWA\Kuala Lumpur has launched the latest campaign, ‘Rasa Sayang’, for McDonald’s Malaysia in conjunction with the new Happy Meal promotion.

‘Rasa Sayang’, which loosely translates to ‘Feel the Love’, celebrates family togetherness in Malaysia and resonates with both the rural and urban families. The traditional Malaysian folk song, also named ‘Rasa Sayang’, provides the soundtrack for the 60-second online film and a 40-second TV commercial.

The film demonstrates how Malaysian parents practice tough love, showcasing various children being disciplined for their misdemeanors. The peculiar punishments will rekindle fond memories for many Malaysian families.

The campaign centers around the message: “However you show it, it’s still rasa sayang,” with the parents eventually treating the children to a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and sharing quality family moments together.

The accompanying print campaign features warm black and white images of family moments with a poetic message that inspires family togetherness.

“Love doesn’t have to be soppy and cliché,” says VJ Anand, executive creative director at TBWA\Kuala Lumpur. “We juxtaposed the happy ‘Rasa Sayang’ song with scenes of kids being punished, through writing 1000 lines, standing in the naughty corner, and executing ear squats; but ultimately the parents’ love for their children shine through.”

Watch the video here:

Chief creative officer: Sa’ad Hussein
Executive creative director:  VJ Anand
Head of digital: Aaron Gomez
Associate creative director: Lay Jian-Yi, Maharis Azman
Head of copy: Lee Tak Shune
Copywriter: Andrew Perera, Kharial Nisha Sarfuddin, Nor Marlinah, Ferhan Faidzan, Lee Huey Ning
Art director: Hafidz Selamat
Designer: Faridz Husaini, Michelle Yeoh
Production: Jeff Hong, Benson Clive, Shelly Ahmad, Jackie Chong, Loh Pey Shan, Bong
Senior planner: Eldon D’Cruz
Group account director: Loh Mun Yee
Account executive: Lee Xin Yi
Project manager: Nur Iman Omar