McDonald's MY seeks legal advice against netizen's false claim around Ayam Goreng

McDonald's Malaysia is seeking legal advice with a view of court proceedings against the netizen who recently made false claims on social media about its food, as well as those who have reposted or republished her article. "We will not hesitate to take such necessary action, including legal recourse, against those who try to tarnish our brand and reputation," it added.

This comes after a netizen claimed on Twitter that the fast food chain had served her a piece of Ayam Goreng McD containing maggots in it. While the initial tweet has since been deleted, an image of the chicken with maggots has been circulating online. According to screenshots, the netizen said she felt like there were worms moving in her mouth when she ate the piece of chicken.

Four days later, she took to Twitter to apologise for the false claims and admitted that she had acted rashly. The netizen clarified that she had purchased the chicken and kept it at room temperature for a few days, resulting in the food becoming contaminated.

In addition to apologising for the defamatory statements, the netizen added that she is aware her statement has had a negative impact and affected the company's reputation and businses. She added that she regrets her actions and promises not to repeat her mistake again. She also requested for those who disseminated her Twitter post to delete it.

Meanwhile, McDonald's said that in this day and age where every individual has a voice and platform on social media, the company urges the public to be more mindful of content being shared on social media so that no one's reputation is questioned based on unsubstantiated and unverified claims.

"More importantly, unnecessary fear and alarm are not spread among netizens. The voice of the public is strong, and our voices collectively as a community have the power to influence and spark conversations. So let us come together and use our voices more responsibly as a community," the brand said.

McDonald's also stressed that food safety is of the utmost importance to the company and it places great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards in the preparation of its food. "We constantly strive to do our best for our customers across the country, and we urge customers and the public at large to refer to official company channels when seeking clarification on any matter in the future," it added.

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